Emergency Medical Services Are Convenient and Practical

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provide many life saving, crisis, and acute care services. With 24 hour availability, EMS is always available when needed. Transportation to the hospital during a medical emergency is what Emergency Medical Service is most known for, but there is more to EMS than simple transportation.

NEMT EMTDuring a medical emergency, many people call family members or friends for help. Unfortunately, much needed medical care is often delayed while traveling to a hospital or emergency care facility. Should the medical emergency increase while traveling, family or friends are often unable to recognize or provide medical care. By utilizing Emergency Medical Services, an Emergency Care Technician (EMT); a medical professional trained in emergency care, will perform an initial medical assessment. Transportation usually by ambulance, to appropriate medical care is swift. Medical treatment, often life saving is provided during the transportation process. The medical facility is contacted. Any special preparations necessary for treatment can be in place upon arrival.

Hesitation to call for emergency medical care is common. Hesitation may stem from denial of the severity of the situation, the perceived expense of emergency medical care, and even embarrassment. Using the example of a heart attack, denial of the severity or presence of a medical crisis is often the case. Waiting “to see if it passes” just delays the initiation of medical care. Continuing with the same example of a heart attack, the small window of time when medical treatment may reverse or prevent long term effects could be lost when medical care is not available during transportation. To encourage the use of Emergency Medical Service during an emergency, many insurance policies now cover Emergency Medical Services with a minimal co pay. Embarrassment, fear of possibly overestimating the emergency, or the disinclination to feel vulnerable are other reasons hesitation to call EMS exists. When the possibility of an emergency presents itself, most medical professionals recommend erring on the side of caution.

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Also, long distance medical transportation is an option when the trip is over 200 miles, or the destination is in another state. Long Distance Ambulance Transport is ACC Medlink specialty. They have large luxurious shuttle buses that are like hospitals on wheels with highly trained professionals that will make the ride as comfortable as possible.